Saturday, May 5, 2007

Cuba Comment: "never felt more welcome or safe"

As expected, 'Cuba Calling' has elicited some heartfelt comments from several readers. For the next few posts, I will feature various comments, representing several perspectives. In some cases I will also offer a response to a comment. And, in the true spirit of the blogosphere, feel free to comment on the comments! As an added bonus, I'll illustrate each featured comment with a new photo or video clip from Cuba not yet presented on the site. Let's get started

Comment from 'CubaSi' . . .

"I believe that you will be able to see many things your government does not want you to see... The 'What' will be all around you, the 'Why' is the one I would guess you will find challenging. I have been travelling to Cuba for the past 25 years, I go at least twice a year, sometimes three. This last November I travelled the whole month of November, all over the Island, and have never felt more welcome or safe . . ."