Friday, March 30, 2007

Excited...and a little scared

I found out yesterday that my trip to Cuba is approved and finalized. Two days ago I had no idea I would be going. But a last-minute slot opened up in a delegation of architects and urban planners being sent to Cuba by Global Exchange. Since I am an airport professional who will be conducting and publishing academic research on development plans at Cuba's largest airport, I was allowed to join the delegation and travel to Cuba legally under a General License from the U.S. Treasury Department. I kind of like the fact that I'm paying Global Exchange and funding my trip to this 'forbidden' country with money from my federal tax return this year. The amount I'm getting back from Uncle Sam is almost exactly the cost of my trip to the Land of Fidel. Today I need to start thinking a bout everything I will bring to Cuba. It has to last me 10 days and, per another U.S. government rule, can't weigh over 44 pounds.